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A licensed  professional counselor with 20 years experience in mainstream mental health and 25 years on an awakening journey exploring all aspects of human evolution and Embodiment.  I have been a trauma therapist for 18 years, using EMDR and the presence process work, to integrate and evolve into our awakened authentic self. It is time to learn to BE  with ourselves. Our whole culture is about distraction, there is a call to wake up and experience the truth of who we are. The framing from the past that we are living no longer fits. In sessions we learn how to PRESENCE all that feels uncomfortable, and in this welcoming process, all can be shifted.

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What to expect from a session

A session begins with bringing embodiment frequencies of the higher aspects of love and light into the space to inform us as to: 

~What is ready to be let go of

~What needs more attention

~What is it we are ready to move towards
   You can expect that before and after a session that integration and activation of the un-integrated child (pain body, shadow self, ego, the density we carry) may occur. Don't judge yourself instead unconditionally feel the internal self  (child self) which  likely has never been unconditionally felt before. This is self-compassion , compassion for the child within who may have never felt this understanding and care before.   

    This  is the foundation work of Ascension, which can be challenging but it is time to be with the feelings we have been avoiding most of our lives.  Remembering that feelings are neither good nor bad they merely inform us of what needs integration. WELCOME~ your charges~ sit into them~ let them move through and transmute.


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~THE HUMAN'CONDITION'- Move out of human doing and into human BEING. We were conditioned/taught that we were lovable by what we did or didn't do-- conditional loving, which created a false self. Break through this conditioning by building awareness of our framing that we have accepted as us.

~THE WAY IN- Move out of I think to I feel. Once we are aware of this conditional knowing of ourselves we need to start moving into the center of ourselves and transmute our pain body by having compassion for the abandoned self ( i.e. the shadow self, pain body, internal self, child self, undigested self) which was abandoned through the human conditioning and its disregard of our feelings. Access the part within us that needs to be seen, heard and known- this is self embodiment.

~ THE WAY THROUGH~ Move into experiencing of our authentic emotions which sink us into ourselves. This is on some level the simplest part but the hardest in that it is subtle and not what we have been taught in our culture; to accept and be with our emotion. In doing so we AWAKEN to ourselves and embody wholeness~ WE ASCEND

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What is Ascension ?


Ascension is the embodiment of our higher aspects of Self.  This is our Divine right and purpose in life, this reality has been hidden from us for far too long.  We are now in the Great Awakening and we have more access within to this Sovereign state than ever before. 

    Activation and Attuning 

   The ascending process can come with Ascension symptoms like body aches, headaches, heart palpitation, need for more sleep or need for less sleep, a wired/tired feeling, anxiety type feelings or surges and depression or clearing of what we are ready to let go of.  The best thing we can do is be in acceptance of symptoms, welcome them knowing that they are signs of awakening and change coming into your life.  Resistance will only create stagnation.

  We can work with you to upgrade our body and life to match the incoming frequency.  We can set up a lifestyle change that helps bring balance to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  The old is gone and to adapt we have to change how we are eating, moving our body,  processing emotions and adjusting thoughts that can be manifesting unwanted outcomes. There is a need to collapse the old matrix that we may still be carrying within our body.


I am a fully licensed psychotherapist who is able to offer services through insurance and only for Michigan clients.  

For private pay clients.
Hourly Sessios are  111$ 

Presently offering ONLINE only 
~Uniquely offering EMDR online for 111$

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