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What is Awakening and Self Embodiment?

What I have noticed with working with clients and with myself is that we are not fully awake to ourselves, not fully within our body and our experiences. It is understandable that events and traumas happen in life that makes us move out of ourselves. Even ancient cultures understood that life events made us lose ourselves, yet we seem to be blind to this understanding which leaves us lost . Ancient teachings speak of soul retrievals performed by medicine men. This" whole-ing " technique acknowledges that certain things we go through in life whether relationship issues, loses, traumas, wars etc. can push us out of ourselves due to the nature of the experience ( i.e we form ourselves to a relationship and lose ourselves). These soul retrievals are still done , I have studied and learned this process, but do we need a shaman to perform this ritual to be whole again? No, the concepts are solid, we can work in therapy and with ourselves to move in and integrate our past experiences to return to wholeness., to be fully embodied in ourselves. I would say that nothing is more important at this time on our planet then connecting deeply with ourselves.

I have been seeing clients beginning to wake up to themselves more and more. What I have noticed lately is that it doesn't take much these days for awakening to occur, we are in a time of a great shift and it is impacting us deeply. It is better that we are aware of this shift going on vs experiencing the angst, confusion, anxiety, depression, dissolution of jobs we use to love and relationships that use to work without this understanding . We are being pushed and it can be more confusing and painful to go through these things without the knowledge of shifting consciousness on the planet.

Now I understand that you could be looking around at what is happening in the world and not see that shifting to a higher consciousness. But what you are seeing are labor pains birthing something new, a polarizing of old ways that can no longer be sustained. So just like we have to deal with our own pain bodies we are carrying, so does our culture and all countries have to deal with their pain bodies.

So how do we work with this shift and call to wake up ? By moving into what has been called the pain body, the shadow self, the child self, the undigested child, these are all the same thing. Yep folks it is time to deal with the feelings we have been avoiding most of our lives. Those root feelings or core wounds, the ones we have carried almost unconsciously for years. They have a familiar vibration, but different messengers may be bringing them up over and over again. You know those states where the event or person might be different but the feeling is the same. Now this may sound difficult , but it isn't really. It is a subtle shift and once you align with this experiencing of self, feelings feel more sublime , like you are sinking back into yourself. Once you habituate to this new Way, feeling states start to become neutral, meaning you aren't necessarily seeking one or the other.

So Awakening is happening now which is moving us to fully embody ourselves, which means to fully feel ourselves. Fully feeling does not mean being in emotionality, which is feedback from BS stories of the mind. Let's be clear there is a distinct difference between being in reaction to the mind and being with authentic emotion. I would argue that most people are experiencing this "emotionality" vs. their organic Self. This is why it is a requirement to be more mindful and step back from your stories ; so you can truly wake to who you are and how you organically feel.

The mind is an ever changing mechanism that can take you all over the place. We don't know who we are unless we know how we feel, not what we think. That is being stuck in the doing of you vs. the being of you. No longer will we be stuck in the illusion of the mind but in the expansive experience of Self. Work with building the mental and emotional musculature of stillness, where we disengage from the mind and start to truly feel ourselves . If we want to build a muscle in our arm we lift weights to habituate this muscle for certain use, same is true for our mental / emotional muscle, practice the disengaging of the mind and the experiencing of self. Take time, 15 minutes a day, just breathing into you, this alone can make a huge difference. Sit with self and let the wanderings of the mind flow on down the river and remain disengaged from its illusion and focus on feeling the breath in your body.

It is shocking how difficult people find being still with themselves, this breathing into self, but it is our conditioning to be in the mind. Let's have compassion for this and no longer battle the mind but balance ourselves through being present in our being. Awakening is happening and resistance will only create more suffering. It is time to move toward self acceptance and acknowledgement of our journey thus far in this life, meaning its time to experience the impact life has had on us so we can better understand and grow in compassion for ourselves. Let's retrieve ours soul and fully embody it so we can move ahead on the road of life from a space of wholeness.


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